Monday, December 26, 2016


If you have an understanding of what is happening on this planet, if you have done your research, you may understand this message. it is of great importance.

Victory to the Light!

Monday, October 31, 2016

An-Ormus adventure...

I have decided to try Barry Carter's 2 simplest techniques for making ORMUS type of mineral waters and oils. One is the trap water technique, very simple, the other one is still pretty simple using oil and salt. I will try it and plan to record here effects I do notice if any. I recommend looking up this stuff, it is backed by a good bit of science and even without it, there is enough direct testimonials and that means more to me than science as science often is attached to commercial agendas.  

What I love about these particular techniques is they are very accessible to all, unlike the more well known, more complicated techniques, using more dangerous products and methods.

The 1st one I will try is the trap water simple method. I set myself up in the bathroom, far from any electromagnetic field as far as I know (nothing electronic in the bathroom). I am not sure how long you are supposed to wait so I am giving it about 1 hour. I will repeat the process twice to get a more concentrated water. It should work!

All it is  is a tin can, with a magnet underneath, and then I am retrieving the water with an eye dropper in the centre top of the water where the ormus water will concentrate, then I will repeat it in the second can. I guess I wont get very much but we'll see.

eventually I will try also other types sold online. so... I will keep you updated!