Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2 new girls


Sweet face!!!

These 2 wonderful girls were having a nap on the sidewalk in front of a neighbour's in a donation bin. My heart skipped and I embraced them both in 1 big hug and took them home.  they are extremely well made both, with amazing details, craftsmanship, both have painted face on molded material and both have composition arms and legs, well, the black hair doll I am not sure it may be early plastic, or something else. They were both played with perhaps for more than a generation or 2, and suffered both a partial haircut.  other than that, a bit tattered but ever so charming! 

Once I have made a good series of photos, I will most likely post them to sell on my Etsy store!

a new facebook page

I have created a new facebook page for my Art. It is a private page but to the public... if that makes sense.

I hope it will allow more people to see and know my work.

... if not, an excuse to ramble a little more!