Wednesday, July 31, 2013


My first painting after 2 years of quiet! ( lost my camera, took this with my computer (not very good!)

At last!!!

New studio!!!

I set my table in the large front room, in front of the tall windows, Love it soooo much!. I feel a sense of great peace when I am there, listening to the sounds of the street, birds, racoons,  the light filtered by the rose bush and trees, it's like a secret little paradise, just-for-me!!!

After 2 years of no serious painting, I have painted 2 new pieces and finished an old one!

Life is good. Paint it!


He made my day, my week, my year!

we always think the truth can only come from the scientific community. but that community has it's own agenda, which does not include your and my interest at heart. this denial of evidence is a society phenomenom,I guess the result of desilusion about the media, religion... but it has gone too far and we will turn into sheep if we don't start seeing and dealing with the truth.

reading comments, i saw this good old argument:
"Extroardinary claims require extraordinary evidence"
for me, the only extraordinary claim is the one (by scientists!!!) that we are the only intelligent form in this gigantic universe. wait, really? I think I need a proof of that ridiculous claim!!!. Not only that. but the probability that there isn't, out there, species millions of years more advanced... is infinitely small. there. basic statistic. logic. I think this crazy idea that we are alone did not originated in science, but in religion. it makes no sense.

ok. done rambling.