Sunday, March 10, 2013

With Alina at Mrs Huizenga!

Art is back!!! I have joined a small group of Artists for an awsome evening at Mrs Huizenga ( of art, music and wine...
Yeap: it was great!

Alina Martiros, who organized it all was awesome, she was full of contagious enthousiasm and I got a very good feeling about it... Perhaps the begining of a great little artist group... Time will tell!

We painted what ever inspired us in the shop: an alibaba-of-wonderland of vintage things, lost treasures, antiques, full of stories and history!!! I picked a beautifull old canadian jacket... you know... "the" canadian jacket: intense red quilt wool, so thick it is actually quite heavy, with a round large gorgeous colar and an awesome old label: had to do this!

I will post once it is finished!