Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lucky stones

a series of painted stones. 

My friend Joanna asked me to participate in her high school's Sustainable Art Show and I thought I would make those as they make great little gifts for a loved one. Lucky stones. They each have a word at the front or back, word to associate to the giver or given...  Attributes to ask for or to celebrate in oneself... you decide! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shaman Doll (in progress)

I felt like exploring this idea of a shaman doll.

the idea of "doll" here uses the idea (drawing), rather than the shape, of the wood. It would be the drawing itself giving it Life. It is all, then, just a play on words and idea... but an ancient one! I am sure that in ancient (ancient ancient ...) time, a drawing was considered  something powerful that could give life, like the paintings of Lascaux.

that is why she is naked. I am going to dress her up!

I think that all the shamanic dolls found in archeological site were for the most part clothed initially. People forget that fabric does not last as long as wood metal or stone... we get only a partial picture of what the doll really looked like. When I see them in museums, I always dressed them up in my mind!

so, go ahead, dress my doll in your mind to!...and tell me what you think she would look like!!!