Sunday, October 14, 2012

old sketches reworked

During our last long week-end of Thanksgiving  I vowed to spend each of my 4 free evenings doing art and decided to rework some old sketches. They will go with the pile of Art that I will be posting on Etsy.

It's pilling up slowly but surely!!!

on that same long week-end I also did 2 small brand new art works to join these!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

2 new pieces...

My craving for art was too great last night so, though I was sleepy, I stayed up late to finish a small piece I had started and did another one, a miniature book. I will post images soon.

these items will be pilled until I have the time to look after my Etsy page. I will then post everything and those will be for sale.  I have vowed to try harder to create and produce more in spite of having little time.

Kicking my own butt!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have started for myself a collection of images of female warriors. I am looking for something new, a new vision of what it means to be a female warrior. A vision for the future. I have not found my ideal one but this one above came perhaps closest. there is of course no shortage of tacky, flaky, boobish, high heels "warriors" on the net. I am not talking about hose. Those are just some teenagers' wet dream and, well... good for them. I am looking for a vision that helps women understand how vast and unexplored their full potential trully is. We have been subjugated to the will and the world of men since the begining of all things. Sure there has been brilliant, formidable, magnificent exceptions but. being exceptions, we still can not say we know trully *what* we are capable of.

You, me, her... let's find out!!!

I can not retrace the name of the artist of this image. If you know it, please share and feel free to post a link to their website, I will keep trying.

OH! and... I am throwing out there a challenge to all my doll making friends:


Create your own vision of a female warrior doll!!! : ...rustic, folky or ...fancy... any style any technique! ...Go!

- Then post a link to your image here!