Sunday, August 26, 2012

enlightment, tea bag, aikido...

Tea-Bag-Print Interpretation.

well, erh...I am an aikidoka now.

I have found my true calling in, Art has gone on the back burner... Only temporarly! Only because of the lack of time...but, when ever I have a little bit of time, miraculously, the creative juices are still there! And so here is a Tea-Bag-Print intrepretation I did recently that wanted to be an owl smoking a cigar. Fun! ...That is what Art is about!

Yes. All the geniuses had Fun at the centre of their Art (Picasso, Klee, van Gogh, Miro...).
And actually, even martial artists. I call it Joyful Practise... a very important ingredient of learning, talent, art... ultimately enlightment even.

: Do what you do in joy, and the whole universe will be on your side!