Monday, July 2, 2012

graffiti found in Paris

I saw this graffiti in a Paris street and quickly snaped a picture before loosing my party down the street. I loved how a new design has been pasted on top of an old one torn down. It adds the spice of confusion and a feeling of layered amotions.

Painting in Provence

This is the first of a few images I want to share with you from my trip to France, this June. I had vowed to (try) paint 3 wood panels in oil, one for my mom, one for my sister Odile and one for my brother Marc. But half way through the trip I realised oil medium is slow and I need a lot of practice to master it as every part of my brain and fingers are used to waterbased watercolours, it is second nature to them and this sticky stuff, they don't understand it yet! so I left them there in my mama's studio unfinished and I will work on them when I come back in a couple years or so. By then perhaps it will be much easier.