Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lucky stones

a series of painted stones. 

My friend Joanna asked me to participate in her high school's Sustainable Art Show and I thought I would make those as they make great little gifts for a loved one. Lucky stones. They each have a word at the front or back, word to associate to the giver or given...  Attributes to ask for or to celebrate in oneself... you decide! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shaman Doll (in progress)

I felt like exploring this idea of a shaman doll.

the idea of "doll" here uses the idea (drawing), rather than the shape, of the wood. It would be the drawing itself giving it Life. It is all, then, just a play on words and idea... but an ancient one! I am sure that in ancient (ancient ancient ...) time, a drawing was considered  something powerful that could give life, like the paintings of Lascaux.

that is why she is naked. I am going to dress her up!

I think that all the shamanic dolls found in archeological site were for the most part clothed initially. People forget that fabric does not last as long as wood metal or stone... we get only a partial picture of what the doll really looked like. When I see them in museums, I always dressed them up in my mind!

so, go ahead, dress my doll in your mind to!...and tell me what you think she would look like!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

old sketches reworked

During our last long week-end of Thanksgiving  I vowed to spend each of my 4 free evenings doing art and decided to rework some old sketches. They will go with the pile of Art that I will be posting on Etsy.

It's pilling up slowly but surely!!!

on that same long week-end I also did 2 small brand new art works to join these!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

2 new pieces...

My craving for art was too great last night so, though I was sleepy, I stayed up late to finish a small piece I had started and did another one, a miniature book. I will post images soon.

these items will be pilled until I have the time to look after my Etsy page. I will then post everything and those will be for sale.  I have vowed to try harder to create and produce more in spite of having little time.

Kicking my own butt!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have started for myself a collection of images of female warriors. I am looking for something new, a new vision of what it means to be a female warrior. A vision for the future. I have not found my ideal one but this one above came perhaps closest. there is of course no shortage of tacky, flaky, boobish, high heels "warriors" on the net. I am not talking about hose. Those are just some teenagers' wet dream and, well... good for them. I am looking for a vision that helps women understand how vast and unexplored their full potential trully is. We have been subjugated to the will and the world of men since the begining of all things. Sure there has been brilliant, formidable, magnificent exceptions but. being exceptions, we still can not say we know trully *what* we are capable of.

You, me, her... let's find out!!!

I can not retrace the name of the artist of this image. If you know it, please share and feel free to post a link to their website, I will keep trying.

OH! and... I am throwing out there a challenge to all my doll making friends:


Create your own vision of a female warrior doll!!! : ...rustic, folky or ...fancy... any style any technique! ...Go!

- Then post a link to your image here!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

back to the begining!

Good news!

I have a brand spanking new computer and will be back in business soon.

Though... The price for internet service these days is pretty horrifying but I will find something.

(...any advice from my Canadian friends would be very warmly welcome!!!)

My goal is to get back into Art, organise my Etsy page to sell my art at affordable reasonable prices and slowly go back to a more artsy live! I miss it!

Life has it's ups and downs... that's ok.  I always loved a roller coaster ride!

I'm on that path! ...Thank you to all my old blog friends, here, there, on Flickr, on Facebook...  for being there all this time! You rock!

...a bientot!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

enlightment, tea bag, aikido...

Tea-Bag-Print Interpretation.

well, erh...I am an aikidoka now.

I have found my true calling in, Art has gone on the back burner... Only temporarly! Only because of the lack of time...but, when ever I have a little bit of time, miraculously, the creative juices are still there! And so here is a Tea-Bag-Print intrepretation I did recently that wanted to be an owl smoking a cigar. Fun! ...That is what Art is about!

Yes. All the geniuses had Fun at the centre of their Art (Picasso, Klee, van Gogh, Miro...).
And actually, even martial artists. I call it Joyful Practise... a very important ingredient of learning, talent, art... ultimately enlightment even.

: Do what you do in joy, and the whole universe will be on your side!

Monday, July 2, 2012

graffiti found in Paris

I saw this graffiti in a Paris street and quickly snaped a picture before loosing my party down the street. I loved how a new design has been pasted on top of an old one torn down. It adds the spice of confusion and a feeling of layered amotions.

Painting in Provence

This is the first of a few images I want to share with you from my trip to France, this June. I had vowed to (try) paint 3 wood panels in oil, one for my mom, one for my sister Odile and one for my brother Marc. But half way through the trip I realised oil medium is slow and I need a lot of practice to master it as every part of my brain and fingers are used to waterbased watercolours, it is second nature to them and this sticky stuff, they don't understand it yet! so I left them there in my mama's studio unfinished and I will work on them when I come back in a couple years or so. By then perhaps it will be much easier.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

a moth

this little moth (just under 1 inch), a detail from an old painting, has inspired me to paint again after a year of quiet.

Monday, January 23, 2012

at last: doll update!!!

It's been a long time and I am very sorry!

A few of you have joined this page since I last was able to access it Thank you!!! It means a LOT!!!

Luckily, I found a way to access it at last using a different browser. It was that easy. Garh!
Here is an update photo on the 2nd dolls!

This doll is on it's way to Julie's studio to receive their adornments in paint and materials... exciting!!!

A second one, the brown one, waits for a few implements to go the same route! I am so glad I can share things here again... there will be more posts!