Saturday, October 8, 2011

The winds of friendship

I believe I may have posted this image here before, but it is ever so fitting today.

Today I was reminded. We all learn sooner or later that life does not owe us to be fair, friends do not owe us to be faithful, and even a love that can be 10 or 40 years old can suddenly implode, and life is this ever changing flow that you can just only ride, like a leaf in the wind, and be ever so thankful that you were aquainted with these souls who shared with you their ever so sacred existence. That is enough.  There is beauty in all the confusion, the illusions, even in pride, ego. They are the great winds of life. And when a relationship implodes upon itself like a souflé, there is this realisation once more of the nature of life which is suffering. There is the realization once again of the impermanence of all things. And in that moment we grow tremendously. And we treasure the love that we have for ourselves, it is a rock, eternal, an island that no wind can blow.

We are our own most precious friend.

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