Friday, September 30, 2011

the beauty of repairs

This old towel was my very 1st purchase for a home of my own, when I was 18 and moved to a student room centre near my Luminy school of Art, near Marseille in in France. It had these beautiful colours, my favorites at the time: turquoise blue and hot red!

It has over the long years slowly fallen apart and I realized a few months ago that I had to either throw it away or do something with it. But I am pretty sentimental about my "firsts". A pathetic Romantic. So it had to stay. Then I did these repairs, in a very folky and hommy style, and I do love how it looks! I even wish it had more holes so I could make more patches!

I will add to it as time goes! 

One day there will be no towel left, just the repairs! I really wonder how that would look!!!

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hello cant access my flicker account so i have to contact you here,
great that you received the sketchbook! Please send it to Christina Romeo
Box 3012
Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0 Canada
and send some pictures by email to me at
thanks! x
la folie emilie