Saturday, August 27, 2011

set back

Oh... I can't tell you how upset I was, last week , when I discovered that my kitty Loulou, in a fit of rage at not beeing allowed outside when she was in heat, peed on my Sketchbook Project and reuined the whole thing... and everyting that was on my desk that day.  I was very mad but ...hey, I cleaned thing up, we made up since, yes - because we must - and , I guess, I will reorder a book and start all over again. punisment for procrastinating perhaps.
Life will go on. I think.



oh dear!!
have you received my sketchbook yet? I thought mary Lamb had sent it to you, gotto check with her again. bit worried as it seems one other sketchbook was lost on its way to Bosnia, hope its not the case for the fayrytale one as well! x

Kipik said...

arh!, no nothing received... Hopefuly one day! If i do, I would let you know... promise!