Monday, August 8, 2011

the red handed child in ceremonial head-dress

Here is the first finished doll of the series of 4 you saw previously, that are smaller and simpler... but, I hope you will agree, succesful just the same! I am really happy with this one, It has the spirit I wanted for it.

I have repainted the face, I think for the better. I like this startled expression, fitting for the ceremonial head dress alluding to an important ceremony in the life of the young child! a child of the future, a child of the light!


adi linden said...

Which paints are you using?
I love your dolls!

Kipik said...

mostly watercolours but also inks, and pencils. Thanks a lot Adi Linden!


the doll is amazing, i want it too! can I have an update about the sketchbook? x

Kipik said...

Thank you Lo!!!

Your words warm my little heart!
If you mean your sketchbook(forest fairy-tales), I have not received anything yet.
...The other one (for Brooklyn Library) is in progress, I will post a photo soon!