Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sketchbooks... sketchbooks... everywhere!!!

I started a journal with my friend Chantel from work about coffee tasting...

...and just now I registered for this sketchbook project:
isn't it cool???

I also joined before that lafolieemilie's very own sketchbook project
What a wonderful idea she had!!!

And then of course I have my own Note Book blog (not very up to date but ...some day...!!!)

I guess I love all manners of artist notes and sketches!!!
And it is so great to exchange and interact with other artists! I love that!

...so friends, see you out there on the Arthouse Sketchbook World Tour... or on Emilielafolie blog!!!!

Arh! funfunfun!



lucky you, wish my life was spent drawing too but real life takes so much of my time! cant wait to see your pages! lafolieemilie

Kipik said...

Well life keeps us busy Lo/LFE! and you do so much! You can't do it all! But once in a while you have to make time-just-for-you!

Kipik said...
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Kipik said...

I am on my way to the post office!!! yay!
Hope you did get my 3 emails with the picts Lo!
all the best you and all the wonderful artists out there! big hugs!