Wednesday, December 1, 2010

creative process

I am now looking at materials to find out what will work. I chose a scheme of blue white and a touch of red. but nothing is written in ink yet. it's just food for thought... literally!


Jess said...

Greetings from Berkeley, I just wanted to let you know I LOVE your art! I also have an affinity for Russian folk art. Hopefully I have time/money to buy something of yours for the holidays--for myself of course. = ) Keep it coming. <3

Kipik said...
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Kipik said...

Aww!!! That is so nice to hear! someone who diggs what I do!

Well, if something tickles your fancy, of course let me know! I have a couple of things to post.
(and I am on flickr and Etsy as well).

Thank you so much Jess!

Sarah Zambiasi said...

Very nice to find you here too. Your Blog is beautiful!

Kipik said...

Thank you so much Sarah!!!