Friday, September 3, 2010

Sumac tea on a bike

In August I discovered a fabulous bike trail 2 minutes away from home!!! It is perfect and has lots of staghorn sumac and smooth sumac along the way. I picked some and came home and made some tea. The red seeds look gorgeous and the tea taste really good, just a tiny bit tart. It helps if you don't squeeze the twigs in the tea.  I went back this week. How wonderful it is on a hot day to wiz through the air on your bike! There was hardly anyone on the trail... it was all for me!!! : the bees, the butterflies, the little brown mouse that crossed the road, the flowers, the blue sky, the singing of birds, the screaming subway cars overhead on the huge big bridge, all... mine!!!

Try Sumac tea, it's easy!
(stay away from WHITE sumac: it is poisonous - RED sumac only!)

- take one seed pod
- fit in large cup or cut off all the seeds of the pods and put in cup
- cover with near boiling water.
- infuse for 15 minutes.
- sift brew
- drink hot, or cold with sugar
Note: some people show alergic reaction.


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