Friday, July 9, 2010

Wonderful Wasnetsov

Woohoo! ...I just ordered this book which I think looks wonderful. I was certain it was from Yuri Vasnetsov, but it is from Elizaveta Vasnetsova (related?). It reminds me a lot of him, though with a unique flavor nevertheless.

I can't wait to see it up close.

I ordered a few more vintage children books as well, 2 more Russian ones and one from my wonderful talented Late uncle Garth Williams, one of his later ones called "The Chicken Book" I also ordered a book about him I found on Ebay, I do hope it is a well written / well informed one.

I promise more photos once I get them!
Just got a message from the seller Hanna, with more info!

Here it is:

"Elizaveta Vasnetsova is really a lady. She is a daughter of Jury Vasnetsov (1900-1973), who was a remarkable illustrator of children's books.
You have ordered the book of Jury Vasnetsov (Children's folk songs) and a book of Elizaveta Vasnetsova (The Windmill blizzard)."

...and here is a link to her store on Etsy:
Hey! Have you noticed how nice the image looks with my page colour????
- Perrrrr-fect!!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

His name means "Peace-Kingdom Hundred-Water"

From Wikipedia:
"The common themes in his work utilised bright colours, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans with nature, and a strong individualism, rejecting straight lines"

...Which means I have a lot in common with him, even more so than I originally thought.

He died in 2000, having made his home in New Zealand. Though he traveled a lot, his watch was always set on new Zeland time.

here is a link: