Friday, June 25, 2010

New art

I was inspired in spite of /or/ thanks to an (mild) earthquake on wednesday, and finished this piece. It started with a very rough outline, inspired I think by a Haida mask I saw last month at the McMickael museum. Once I did that, I wrote a text. Here goes:

Klack-klack! Klack-klack! her beak went. It meant "Leave at once!" "you are not welcome" Klack-klack! "You are not one of us!" Through the dense forest I ran. Quickly. I turned just only once more. I saw it. Something soft in her eye. A message of hope. One day we would be welcome again, even with the most secret one of all. Hope surged in my heart.

As I wrote it, the image became very clear in my mind and I started painting. By thursday morning it was done and very close to what I was expecting.

The little black ant... do you see it? it is there for the little black ant i killed (willingly but heart brokenly)


Momo Luna said...

A very beautiful, rich image. That makes me dream about foreign woods.

Kipik said...

Thanks Momo Luna! Dreams are a little like a deep forest, full of mysteries, fears, discoveries and magic!

Tsultrim said...

Un Chef d'Oeuvre !