Friday, May 14, 2010

Alternative Ground Cafe Show - View 3

These are a few pict I took after all the work was set-up. I am pretty happy with how things looks, and A.G. manager Brenda said she was as well.

I hope people will lift their head enough to take a look!  It is a really nice opportunity to have my art up for a whole month and benefit a great endevour  like this.

Hope to see you there!

Alternative Ground Cafe Show - view 2

Alternative Ground Cafe Show - view 1

Sunday, May 9, 2010


It's up, it's happening! it's at Alternative Grounds Cafe (Roncesvale ave)
My Art is now showing at Alternative Grounds Cafe on Roncesvale, Toronto, for the month of May!
- Where? : 333 Roncesvalles Ave (just south of hardware store).
I have been working in a new direction for the last 5 years inspired by this amazing country.

The main source of inspiration for these paintings have been the Canadian Boreal Forest, West coast and Inuit Art, Paul Klee, Russian folk Art and traditions.

Learn more about my art at:
Or on Flickr: search for "Kipikart"

ALTERNATIVE GROUND CAFE is an ethical cafe on gruvy Roncesvale ave in the heart of the old Polish District, selling community based products that benefits small coffee growers. They are very active in those communities and need your support!
Visit their web site for more info!
- It's about the planet, it's about the people... Come for a nice home-brewed cup of South-American coffee!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This wondrous dream of last night

Gentle man in my dream  of last night - Thank you. You were kissing my temples in a loving gesture, gracefully, gently, lovingly. It felt so good, so peaceful.

Thanks to you also wonderful woman in my dream last night, to you most of all. You did this magical thing, this incredible thing. You had this secret technique. You rubbed my spine at the neck and something magical happened. My whole body started to vibrate, it felt utterly peaceful and relaxing. Absolute bliss. I felt so great that I had to stop you. I didn't want to but I felt just too great. I could not or should not feel any greater. You stopped for a while and offered to start again. I refused. It was just too much goodness. I could not take more!!!

Thank you special souls for this wondrous dream. I've never had a dream like it before. I will never forget it. May the stars and all that is made of light thank you for me: I am too shy to tell either one this strange and inexplicable dream I had of you. I feel like crying when I think about it. What a wondrous dream