Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Went book hunting on Spadina with Anita last week, to my favorite book shop, "Tenth Edition Book Store"  Just north of Harbor. You can find there the best selection of second hand books anywhere, for a great price!

Books line the shop from floor to ceiling and for every subject. She has a very good selection of nature books, poetry, art, children books. I make pilgrimage there regularly, even though she is a bit far now that I have moved. 

She seemed to say time was hard these days. I got scared. Loosing a shop like hers would be a (Corneille-like) tragedy. I have found over the years some amazing treasure there. I could not bare to loose that! 

But it's my fault. I have been selfishly keeping my little secret from other book lovers. 

No more.

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