Saturday, April 10, 2010

my little stool obsession

I recently found this great little bamboo folding stool in a thrift shop. It evokes afternoon tea in the garden, a quiet spot under a tree, a picnic, and it's a great chair to take with me in places where you want to sit but can't, like a museum when you want to draw, or a laundromat when the owner is to thrift to provide chairs... It works great. 

I have an obsession with stools, I am looking for the ultimate one. What is it supposed to look like? ...I don't know.  I have already a Mexican folding one, a small adorable vintage green one with turned feet, a wicker one... but it is never enough!

Am I crazy? (don't answer that!)


Tsultrim said...

it is a very good little bench, ya !Looks very sturdy and trustable. I would go so far as to say that it's been made with love !
Ta E.

Kipik said...

"sturdy and trustable": I like that! true, and yes, I think, made with tender loving care.