Saturday, April 10, 2010

my little stool obsession

I recently found this great little bamboo folding stool in a thrift shop. It evokes afternoon tea in the garden, a quiet spot under a tree, a picnic, and it's a great chair to take with me in places where you want to sit but can't, like a museum when you want to draw, or a laundromat when the owner is to thrift to provide chairs... It works great. 

I have an obsession with stools, I am looking for the ultimate one. What is it supposed to look like? ...I don't know.  I have already a Mexican folding one, a small adorable vintage green one with turned feet, a wicker one... but it is never enough!

Am I crazy? (don't answer that!)

my psychedelic little vintage planters

Ploting, potting and planting in the sunshine on a beautiful saturday afternoon.
 - In my vintage pots from the 70s.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Horace - 1868 - from "Tenth Edition Book Store"

From that wonderful book shop: This precious little french book has the most glorious blue cover, with the original spine in used and abused condition: daaaaarling! 

I could just eat it, but won't.

Went book hunting on Spadina with Anita last week, to my favorite book shop, "Tenth Edition Book Store"  Just north of Harbor. You can find there the best selection of second hand books anywhere, for a great price!

Books line the shop from floor to ceiling and for every subject. She has a very good selection of nature books, poetry, art, children books. I make pilgrimage there regularly, even though she is a bit far now that I have moved. 

She seemed to say time was hard these days. I got scared. Loosing a shop like hers would be a (Corneille-like) tragedy. I have found over the years some amazing treasure there. I could not bare to loose that! 

But it's my fault. I have been selfishly keeping my little secret from other book lovers. 

No more.

Well, you see... well... I don't know...

So that was that, and now, it's working again.
...I don't ask questions... I just report...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

friends, hear this...

My computer is now so ooooold that no curent browser is any longer compatible with it... it's time for a change! until then very dificult to upload images: I must transfer them to a usb drive, take them to work and find time to upload them: not easy!!! That is why I have been quiet as a moth! ...Only temporary ok?!