Friday, March 19, 2010

a tray of memories

This, my friends, is my erhhhh... kitchen table... The problem is there is no simple way to put a table in that kitchen. Every wall is taken so I have to find some clever trick and for now this above is it. Yes, looks pathetic but  I kind of like it actualy!

- mostly it reminds me of when I would go visit my dad, when he still lived in cannes, in his small apartment-slash-workshop. The kitchen was tiny and was more of a tech lab than a kitchen and we would have delicious coffee and chocolate to dip in on a drawer with the very same tray on it for table. it was cozy and magical, like playing doll with your dad: best fun! I am playing doll too!

The tray has an interesting story. My uncle Tonton-la-Pipe found a truck load of these trays many many years ago in a garbage dump (wonder why he was in a garbage dumb but lets move on...!) they were from Air France, it seemed they had renewed their trlunch trays and thrown out the old ones.  My uncle kept them, but was terrified that he would be accused of having stollen them ...for some reason... So he gave them away to various people and I inherited, eventually, of 10 of them and still own 8 I think... 

Tonton-la-Pipe was known to suffer from a variety of psychosis... but then, who doesn't? A great character he was. He would go everywhere with a large briefcase full of mysterious documents and would not let go of it. I think he had a sizable conspiracy theory of some kind. I don't know why he seemed so traumatized or what happened to him during the war, was he a prisoner of war? or was he too young? My dad was too young, and was sent to a youth camp where his older buddies played shoot-the-nazis, and sadly most of them died foolishly. I remember Tonton-la-Pipe with his white hair and his brisk white beard.

I wish I had known him better.

knock knock

The sunshine knoked on my door yesterday...