Friday, January 29, 2010

"The Return"

Here is a detail of a new painting I am currently working on. It is about "The return" I really want everyone to interpret it in their own way, even though it has a particular meaning for me, it can be many things: a return to innocence, to youth, to nature, to home, to the old ways... it doesn't matter.

It is just started but I am happy with the main figure's look so far.

This is my 1st large size watercolour in a long long time.

A good omen.


Aлиса said...

Прекрасная работа!
Белые пряди волос на зеленом фоне, уютный шарф, проникновенные грустные глаза...
Возвращение что-то нерадостное?
Excellent work!
White hair on a green background, a cozy scarf, heartfelt sad eyes ...
Return something joyless?

Kipik said...

Thank you Aлиса!

it's not joyless, no... I am trying to express a particular emotion... it's as much about what she is leaving behind as what she is going to. she is on a threshhold and turns back on last time... she sees the big picture, and in her eyes there is the past fright she has experienced... somthing like that... but it's not about words... I hope I make sense

Aлиса said...

Теперь понятно - она смотрит на то неприятное, что оставляет... Значит радость у нее впереди!
It is now clear - she looks at something unpleasant, that leaves ... So the joy she has come!

Kipik said...

Yes! ...She is coming... "home"


CreativeFlutter said...

Beautiful Sylvie!! I still love the 2 ACEO's you made for me a few years ago. Just found your blog! Love this new piece.


Kipik said...

oh! cool Aimee! here you are! ...nice to hear from you again!