Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new little Mandalas

These are still in progress! I am enjoying making them!

At the foreground are thumbnail sketches on an envelope: I was brainstorming on what my new brown doll will look like. Note sure yet ...specially since it all went a bit off: I had planed for the fabric to stretch sideways but instead, the fabric decided to stretch lengthwise! The result is she is much more elongated than I had planed, so my aforementioned little plans must be adjusted. I love this sort of accidents though, forces you to think outside of the box!


Jon Ciliberto said...

I love the intention and trappings, but this might simply represent self-love:


I am happy to cross post your mandalas on my site (which I admit is presently in a much reduced state...)


Kipik said...

Yes, it always can be. But I don't worry about that. I let the creative process run it's course. I'm aiming at something and will make mistake along the way. Thanks for your sensible honest comment! and for posting a link!