Saturday, November 7, 2009

multicolour clouds

I was at work today, with a beautiful view of the afternoon sky. The sky was a fair blue over the city with only above to the left a quarter of it hidden by a blanket of thin puffy clouds. The sun was in the middle of the fluffy blanket and I could see it, a white disk, through a thinner portion. I then noticed a strange phenomenon that I have never seen before:

the blanket of clouds made a large circle in the sky and all of the outer edge I was exposed to was for the entire circumference the colour of a rainbow! I mean the cloud's edge itself was going from yellow to orange to pink to blue towards the outer edge. Have you in all your years ever seen such thing?

I am so amazed to see something, at my ripe old age of 45, that I have never seen before and never heard of!!! Life is full of wonders, I always say it... let it be evidence that, no matter how much we think we know, there is always something out there waiting to amaze us!

No! I did not have a camera sadly, this above is a picture taken at the Kortright centre, north of Toronto where I went with my good friend Anita a few weeks past. it was a wonderful day filled with discoveries, among which I discovered a berry with the most amazing dieing potential . I am trying to grow it at home to see if i can make a production of it. You might hear more of it in a couple years or so...

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