Thursday, November 5, 2009

in progress

There: I am posting this 1st image of a new serie of small paintings I am doing now, inspired by nature, of course, but also by Mandalas. I have been wanting to explore the Mandala idea for a long time. This is a way to approach it from the back door, in a small playful format. The panels are very icon-like, with strong symbolism.

This one has a snapping turtle at it's centre:
A strange creature that lurks in green lakes, in bogs or under floating logs. They snap, they bite! they are not friendly! That's because their shell is not a very good hiding place so nature gave them a long neck instead, long sharp claws and a bad temper!

I really enjoyed making them. They are done on small die-cut boards from 7 Gypsies. I have a whole bunch of these boards, so will paint many more. I have varnished them with high gloss varnish. But i might do the next one with matte varnish to see if it would work even better.

They shine!


Tsultrim said...

Totemic you !
Cette tortue invoque les Dralas. Elle est au dela du temps !
Je l'aime beaucoup !
Ton autre.

Kipik said...

Merci soeur divine! je suis contente que tu la comprenes si bien!