Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unfinished painting - Detail

I did this in France (almost finished) once I arrived at my mom's. The light was bright there of course and my mom set my quarters in her painting studio!!! Had to paint! It's a lovely little studio and I'm sorry i didn't take a picture of it. She has all her paintings on the wall, many great ones! She has a large table in the centre with everything an artist needs around it.

I didn't feel like painting Provence which might be shocking to some of you... but it has been painted already by so many on every angle and in every colour... I always feel I've come to this earth to sing the enchanting beauty of the Boreal Forest and so, that is what I did with this silly owl.

I wasn't able to finish it only because my lack of knowledge on birds feet ; owl's in particular. Couldn't figure how to handle the feet seen from bellow ; as she is flying away... I will figure something out eventually!

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