Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back Home

I flew back home this Monday. Sitting in the plane beside me was the most adorable couple I can think of, a mom and dad whose grown up kids had gotten together and bought them a package tour to Canada, the one place in the world they always had dreamed of visiting. She was very emotional when the plane lifted in Paris, then we talked during the flight. So sweet, so genuine. They warmed my heart, when that happens, I usually have to fight back tears myself, for that is my great curse, though a blessing too! I ran both in my head and on my camera (so nice to be able to do that!) all the wonderful images of my 2 weeks trip to France. So many.

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Kipik said...

This was on one of the Lerrins Island just accross from Cannes. They are beutiful, that's the Island where the Iron Mask story was born!!!