Friday, July 3, 2009

red omen

It was on Sunday 28th of June. In the morning I saw a red cardinal in the big chestnut tree in front of my big window. That's rare. I only see one every few years and usually in winter. This is summer. I looked with binoculars and the scene was beautiful with the red Cardinal set among pale green baby chestnuts and darker green leaves. His face was jet black with white on the edge and the rest bright red. A gift from heaven. Then I went for a trip to the ROM museum and saw wonders among which was a bright red ibis all by it self in a window. Brilliant red. Finally when I came home I was looking out the window, the sky was dark, the chestnut tree was dark dark green and just then this brilliant brilliant red on the van's roof in the parking lot pretty much exploded in my eye, brain and soul.

The contrast between the dark stormy light all around and this brilliant red van was just amazing. It was really an out of the ordinary experience. An omen and a gift, just 2 days before my dear beloved cat Happy left this earth. Life is full of wonderful mysteries, full of wonderment and magic.

Each one of us IS the most magical fairytale that could ever be told.


cabin + cub said...

great photo... that splash of red is so bright! ;)

Kipik said...

Yes! ...I just couldn't blieve how bright it was. I felt i was on drugs! (I'm not!!!)