Saturday, June 13, 2009

doll face

For someone who takes for ever to finish a complete doll
, I probably shouldn't be so eager to make a doll face, but I had my box of paper clay in my hand one evening last week, I was in the kitchen, I grabbed a walnut size chunk of it and grabbed a lime in the fruit basket nearby. Standing up in the kitchen, my hip resting on the kitchen counter, I lay the clay on the lime and flattened it a bit then started to work on the clay which I have never done except for one failed attempt about a year ago. Being set on the lime it was quite easy! I wanted a simple ordinary face but the face kept taking on definite aboriginal features, perhaps the shape of the lime and my fingers made it so... I don't know. I immediately got a very good feeling about it, that it was going to turn into a great doll face. I painted it this morning feeling I could do no wrong: it already had great form. I am very happy with the result.

I can't show you but I put it on my green doll in place of her face for a moment and it was just stunning! I can't wait to make a body for it!!!


Jo James said...

Very cool!!

Kipik said...

Hey! Thanks Jo!!! Always nice to hear!!! I love all you do myself!!!