Sunday, June 7, 2009

It was planed well ahead: Saturday: it was going to be "Painting in the Park"!!! ...I left the house around 3:30, perfect time when the sun is low and the light warmly coloured and angled. I found this peeeeerfect little spot, attracted there by a gorgeous huge pine tree with sweeping blue branches cast over a little bench. Behind the bench was a great scene: the sweeping branches, the second pine with it's horizontal branches, the weeds and the birds fighting for my nuts.

A little island of hidden paradise.

The picture above was the spot before that : in front of the old institute for the blind. Such a typical example of an old Canadian institution: so charming, all made of wood, with cracking old paint, large beams, sloping roof, set among old trees... I hope I can finish that sketch.

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