Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ominous Rainbow

Influenced by Tibetan Buddhist religion and culture through my sister Edith but also my own interest and knowledge I've come to know of the importance of rainbows. In tibet a rainbow is very ominous. "An Auspicious Sign" they would call it. It is even told that when a great enlighten Buddhist master dies, his boddy either shrivels or disapear entirely and always a rainbow appears above him.

Well I was talking on the phone yesterday with said sister when Lo and Behold! the sky went from sunny to dark silver, a thunderstorm burst out, then ended then in a middle of a sentence i turned toward the window and was made speechless by the view: a gorgeous rainbow seemed to rise above an island of light in my neighbours' backyard behind the magnificent chestnut tree. Such beauty, such magic! "very auspicious" said Edith as I described the scene. Indeed.

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