Friday, April 3, 2009

My Uncle Garth

There are so many things I would like to share with you - my old, new and future friends... It's hard to pick one subject. I would like for exemple to talk to you about my uncle Garth. Even though I was born and raised in France, I am biologicaly and magicaly related to a wonderful slice of american culture in the form of my uncle Garth Williams and his wonderful Art. He is most well known for his illustrations of The Little House in the Prairy, Mister Dog and other little Golden books, Charlote's Web, Stuart Little, and some others. But sadly, the most wonderful and beautiful of all his work is a much less known book about two little rabbits that fall in love. His technique there is at it's zenith, and it's one of the few books that he himself wrote. indeed it's one of the most beautiful and sweetest children books ever made. It is called "The rabbit's Wedding" A must-have. Another great one is "Three Little Animals". In both of these books, he uses ink washes and charcoal or pencil, with a very Chinese-brush-like technique, with very few subtle colours. Like his dad -my grand father- who was a very talented artist as well, Garth did not like the world of commercial Art. He avoided as much as possible having to deal with the pains of becoming well known, promoting oneself and humoring art directors and he did not hesitate to refuse a job if it didn't meet his ideals.

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Tsultrim said...

There is a storry about this book, actualy.
At the time it shocked some people who saw in it a call for mixed race relationships. The dispute was ended by some cool words from a senator, I think. Ask mum what the story is.

Kipik said...
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Kipik said...

yes, sis, I just wanted this one time to not mention it (it's ok if you did though) because that's always all that's associated with this wondrous book, this so called "controversy". There is no controversy, just a mountain of silliness south of the border... in the usual few states. I wrote a long coment under the link above. Great link about the book, check it out!
The comment from the Senator was "burn these books! I don't want my daughter to grow up and become a rabbit!" or something to that effect...(I'll look for the exact quote)