Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scared Spirit

I was washing my dishes a few days ago when the bamboo spoon I was holding snapped in two - I thought bamboo was a very strong material but I guess when soaked again and again, it is less so - 2 thoughts flashed through my head instantly: "garbage" and ... "Doll". I had already lifted my hand aiming for the garbage bag but held it back. It was just the right shape with enough of a neck to attach it to a body. Perfect! So here it is painted and varnished, waiting for me to invent a fetching body, and tell thus his story.


Maureen said...

Nice the way it is, perhaps you could hang in on the wall instead.

Kipik said...

hmmm... well you might be right Maureen! I'll put it up and if a body wants to apear, I will let it do so!