Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Expensive Therapy

Went for treasure hunting therapy at my neighborhood thrift store. Got a great crop! An absolutely perfect pair of jeans (I haven't owned a pair of jeans in at least a decade!) and a gorgeous sea-green lambswool scarf - put the 2 together and I'm gorgeous!!! Also got "The Nightmare before Christmas" movie, special edition, a wool coverlet stolen at some point from an air plane in a beautiful shade of blue, an antique blue-trimmed jug, a retro red tank top, a stoneware jar that says "secret ingredient"... Oh! the things you find!!!... well, here's a picture!


SARAH said...

nice! i love treasure hunting.

Tsultrim said...

It was worth-it just by the picture !

Julie said...

Thank you for for coming over and visiting my blod and the wonderfulcomment you left. I have to reply this post because when you wrote that you have not owned a pair of jeans in almost a decade, I could not have imagine going through my life with out them ha ha. I am a big treasure hunter my self and enjoyed seeing a peek at all those wonderful treasures you found. I'll have to post some of mine. I am enjoying my visit here.Julie