Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Art is out!

I brought all the little Art-things I made for Catherine Huizenga's store and she took erh... most of it!!! Even "Burden" my drift wood doll... though Catherine despises sad-looking-things. She call them "hard done by", I love sad looking things! ...not that Burden looks sad all that much, but she is carrying a heavy load, her body bending under the weight... that sort of sad-looking... So there she is and I pray no small greasy hands will wipe their left-over pudding on her gown while she's away. Since I miss her, I have started a simple-yet-odd felt-doll and I'm taking my sweet little time assembling her. She'll be rather quaint I think, already has wood hands (need painting) and a blue dress (almost finished) and I've decided on an apron from a piece of quirky french material I have. That'll be a nice touch! she'll be very folky. I am looking a lot at the dolls in my new book "North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment" Amazing book! The title does not do it justice! It has time charts for each culture in North America, includes artifacts from oldest to most recents, including garments, jewelry, bags... and ...dolls, in particular shaman's dolls. That is what fascinate me the most, shaman's dolls. I will talk again about dolls you can count on it: I have so much to say about it!

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