Saturday, December 27, 2008

Doll in progress

Here she is. Unfinished, my little primitive doll, pioneer-style (with a few twists, like, for example, her green felt face). You see her there with her unfinished coat which will be the most important part of that piece. I want to put a lot of details on it. Like a magic coat that also tells a story... stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas story

It was a few days before Christmas the year 1985, when I lived in the 20th Century still, in the middle of England. I was an "au-pair girl". I was looking after 4 adorable kids, one of whom was little Richard who was the quintessential little british boy with red hair and blue eyes and with a school uniform with shorts and long grey socks even in the winter. He was a dreamer that one, we had great fun together. The kids were from diferent mariages and had diferent fathers. Richard 's father never came to take him out the way the other father did. As we approched Christmas, he drew countless little drawings of Santa and his helpers, which was a new concept for me since we don't have those in french culture. (french pere Noel is on his own!) There was never a fan of Father Christmas greater than this boy. And so we were walking thus together in the little town we lived in on that cold winter day. The street was empty. Not a soul in sight. We walked up the street and at the turn of the curb we fell upon an unbelivable sight. Santa himself, the Real Santa, was there, laid across the large sidewalk was his beautifull sleigh, with all his reindeers - not the plastic ones - as if he had just landed there for a cookie break on his way to somewhere else. We were both little Richard and I dumfounded. We walked to him both very shyly and said Hi Santa! ...He smiled and had a beautiful white beard on him and gave us both a candy. Richard was paralized with awe, where I was in a state of confusion. Then, feeling that perhaps I might have had a chance to fly in Santa's sleigh and missed it, we moved on and still there was not a soul in sight as we walked away. I realy wonder if little Richard still remembers this, this many years since.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last year's little animal

This image is of a painted piece called "Little animal" - watercolours and varnish on drift wood. It was one of the pieces i brought to Catherine's store last year and was sold there. I wonder who has it now? I miss him! Sometimes a little lump of wood inspires the most weirdest of ideas. I must follow my muse though. This year I have a similar piece, - small drift wood piece painted and varnished - it's a chair with a cat sleeping on it... You gota go to the store to see it! ...or go to my main web-site...

In other news, I am training this week for (boring) work so my brain can not handle anything else... what so ever. I feel like someone is trying to get me to remember an entire phone book. So that's it for now. bye bye. Ciao. Shuss. Salut. Nasdarovia...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Art is out!

I brought all the little Art-things I made for Catherine Huizenga's store and she took erh... most of it!!! Even "Burden" my drift wood doll... though Catherine despises sad-looking-things. She call them "hard done by", I love sad looking things! ...not that Burden looks sad all that much, but she is carrying a heavy load, her body bending under the weight... that sort of sad-looking... So there she is and I pray no small greasy hands will wipe their left-over pudding on her gown while she's away. Since I miss her, I have started a simple-yet-odd felt-doll and I'm taking my sweet little time assembling her. She'll be rather quaint I think, already has wood hands (need painting) and a blue dress (almost finished) and I've decided on an apron from a piece of quirky french material I have. That'll be a nice touch! she'll be very folky. I am looking a lot at the dolls in my new book "North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment" Amazing book! The title does not do it justice! It has time charts for each culture in North America, includes artifacts from oldest to most recents, including garments, jewelry, bags... and ...dolls, in particular shaman's dolls. That is what fascinate me the most, shaman's dolls. I will talk again about dolls you can count on it: I have so much to say about it!