Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strange and wonderful

Thursday night. I had a strange day, starting with getting my driving license early in the morning. I expected bureaucracy. Instead I got friendly-and-efficient. Then I got a mocha in a fancy-to-do coffee shop full of boring-looking people near my work. I felt so good about getting my driving license back. I felt free and my future opening up. I dreamed about going up North to paint, hike, canoe, connecting with Gaia, Mother Earth. Now, allow me to explain. I had this experience over a year ago. I had gone to Wasaga beach with friends, and once there felt a huge weight I didn't know I had on my shoulders lift up and then felt this immense peace and happiness. I want to find it again. Another experience I am looking for again was the one in Algonquin Park years ago. I had paddled around our large lake and climbed on the slope of a shore covered with trees. I stepped into the forest and found myself surrounded with very strange looking trees, one in particular that was lying on the forest floor on it's side with all it's structure intact except for it's needles that were missing. It looked so alien that I had a moment of real fear feeling that I had stepped into a strange, ominous world... And THAT was wonderful.
(above: "A landscape - No a World" watercolours, pigments, artist pencils - 2006)

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