Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ancient Ukraine

There is a show at the ROM about Ancient Ukrainian culture. That would be fascinating to me and I hope to be able to go there. Living smack between the Ukrainian and Polish quarters here in Toronto, I have learned a lot about eastern Europeen cultures. There is even a small Ukrainian museum near my home. And I have collected many objects myself from that culture (in thrift shops, garage sales...) ... so here is very my own little Ukrainian show!!!

Found in someone's garbages:
2 wonderful and very old children books (photos above: who in their right mind would throw this out???)

Found at Value Village:
a turned wood toy of the classic tale of Masha and the bear (Masha is a little girl kidnaped by a bear. She beggs him to take some cakes to her parents. She then hides in the basket and shouts all the way to the bear"I can see you, make sure you go to my parent's house bear" when he arrives at the parents house, Masha jumps out and the bear is killed and Masha is free at last!)
I love this toy!

3 Ukrainian vases, from Value Village.

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