Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Before I started my new job, I had a lot of time for a while to think on paper about the next project. And when I saw the movie "My Winnipeg" I was so inspired by the idea of the underground river.... and the 3 layered pools. So it splish-splashed in my head and became "the 3 underground rivers" project. I feel deep running symbolism in many directions there: that's the attraction. Everyone will pick their own story. Here are a few initial sketches (very small, in my note-book). I've done a preparatory small painting in watercolours but may not finish it. It will depend wether or not I find a support for my big paper soon or not.

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Kristina said...

I like your new easel -- glad you finally got it :-) I'm also glad you started a blog with pictures of your artwork -- now that i know the address, I'll be checking back often to see what you've written and posted.