Thursday, November 6, 2008


It's now a tradition:
as soon as I can, I will bring a small batch of small Art-works to sell at 121 Roncesvale who sells my work every Christmas. It's a very small thing to do and not really for profit but I like traditions, I like Catherine Huizenga who is so friendly and I like her store filled with tastefully arranged treasures of time past, lost and rediscovered, and I love Roncesvale ave, lined with still a lot of Polish bakeries, meat shops, artzy cafes and restaurants and my kind of crowds.

This year I have out-done myself with the packaging. For fun mostly, like a kid playing grown-up. I have bought shiny cellophane bags, and decorated some labels. It looks soooooo ...finished! I know, it's stupid. I will add a photo soon... lots of photos as a matter of facts!

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