Wednesday, November 5, 2008


A bit about me:
I have studied Art at Luminy School of Art near Marseille, France where I grew up, and Graphic Design at Georges Brown College in Toronto, Canada where I now live. I come from a family of artists, very talented artists, and I care to make my ancestors proud. My greatest influences are Russian children books of the 60's, Haida Art, Inuit Art, Paul Klee's Art and many more.

Well, hold on... yes, I want to have a blog of my very own with all my best stuff on it, my Art, but other things too: my love-at-first-sight-things and a few rants. So let's get started, let's get organized! (ok! now THAT might take a little while!!!) I am not terribly organized by nature, but I want this to be useful to someone, somehow, so I'm going to make myself be organized! ...Laugh all you want!

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