Sunday, November 16, 2008


...went there early, met my friend Eduard at the green sculpture. I was amazed at the incredible line-up a kilometre long all around the block, and just as amazing was how fast the line moved! I was sure it would be packed, crazy crowded but not at all!!! - some kind'a magic trick they got there hey? It was a big swirl of amazing master pieces all more magnificent than the other. Eduard was the route guide, I was the Art guide! A perfect match! Then I slowly became aquainted with a massive migraine. That took a lot of the joy out of it. We blazed through the top part which would be for me the most interesting part. (so many works by Carmichael and McDonald arhhh!, and Inuit art...) Must go back! Luckily I work just beside it... But will have to pay next time! I was supposed to join a train-the-trainer session at my fencing club afterward (yes, uses sword! may be dangerous, don't feed!), but the migraine is not going away, don't think I can make it. Feel like a warm bed right now, with my cat Happy lounging on my legs... or somethin'

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